Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Atheist and the Ethiopians

I hit the streets on a cold day last week. It was -22F at my house in the morning but warmed to a toasty -6F out witnessing. I ran into an atheist in the walking mall and we debated for a long time. I forgot my coat in the truck but a fire was kindled inside. Whenever I run into one of these Atheists who know "everything," I like to convert them to an agnostic. This guy was too illogical to be converted. He had many complaints against God (that he doesn't believe in) and the Bible and proceeded to tell me all of them. They were nothing that I have never heard before and are easily answered. He knew the truth but suppressed it. He had an answer for everything and it didn't matter to him if his answers were logical or not. He proceeded to tell me that God was evil because he got cancer and almost died when he was 17 and that he knew a 3 year old girl with cancer. It is funny how an Atheist, who doesn't believe that God exists, blames God for evil. An atheist should be happy when people die because it is survival of the fittest and natural selection is working. The weak are dying off and the strong live. An atheist should enjoy when people die because that means more resources for themselves. Do you see how illogical and wicked Atheism is. This atheist and the 100's of atheists I have talked to all deny the existence of God but admit that if God does exist then He is responsible for all evil in the world and that man is by nature good. We ended the conversation when he said we have irreconcilable differences and walked off.

I met Matt at his house and we walked downtown. We ran into on crazy man I tried to witness to but he got in my face when I asked him what he thought it took to get to heaven. He pressed his finger on my head and chest and mumbled something bizarre and then walked away.

We next hit Starbucks because it is always a good place to find lost people on a cold day. There were a couple foreigners there so I asked where they were from. They were from Ethiopia and were here on business. One was a Greek Orthodox and the other a recent convert to Christianity but very new. I shared the whole biblical gospel with them. The Christian knew all the answers and said he was a hell deserving sinner and Christ is the only way to be saved. The Greek Orthodox was lost and didn't seem to be too convicted. It seemed to be God's providence though because I encouraged the Christian to read his bible, which he was neglecting, and find a church in town. I told him about Calvary Baptist in Helena, which is a great church. The Christian Ethiopian said that we met for a reason today and thanked us for the conversation. God is good. Even on a freezing day, He brought us someone to share the gospel with. There are never any excuses not to get out and share the gospel.