Sunday, October 25, 2009

My mom is an Episcopalian Priest

Last night at Wolf Creek's Volunteer Fire Department's Pancake Supper, I shared the gospel with a kid who said he was going to be in heaven for a fact because his mom was an Episcopalian Priest. Never heard that one before. Seeing the kid was lost, I took him through the law and even though he said he broke all the commandments he still said he would get to heaven because his mom was an Episcopalian Priest. I said, "Are you saying the grace of God flows through Genes?" He said yes. He actually thought he had a "get to heaven free card" because of his mom. I told him what the Bible had to say about his opinion and he went on to tell me his mom told him that the Bible has been changed so much by men and their are mistakes so we should just read the Bible as a bunch of good stories. So I said like when Jesus said He was the Way, the Truth, and the Life and no one comes to the Father but through Him. He didn't agree. At the end he said he will believe his mom way before the Bible. I would like to meet his mother someday, I never shared the gospel with an Episcopalian woman Priest (whatever that is). What a depraved and wicked generation.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Hecklers

Jeremy R. and I arrived early at the church to meet the rest of the boys for a night of sharing the gospel. When we were waiting a guy walked by so I did a magic trick for him and went into the gospel. He said to get to heaven you just had to believe in god. I said, "like Hindu's". He said yes. He went on to say everyone who believes in a god goes to heaven, only atheists go to Hell. I thought that was amusing. I took him through the law and he got uncomfortable. I shared the good news and he left, not wanting to talk. It is funny how "Christians" don't like to talk about Christ. All true Christians that I meet will talk about Christ all day.

The rest of the crew showed up a little later. We had TJ, Mike P., Yoshi. We moved over to Carroll College. The first kid I witnessed to grew up Southern Baptist and was thinking about becoming Catholic. He said he was trying to figure things out. I took him through the law and shared the gospel. He said if he died tonight that he would be in Hell. He said it concerned him and he would think about it. I told him not to wait because no one knows when they will die. He thanked me for the conversation and we moved on.

I ran into three kids walking across campus next. I did a card trick for them and they were cussing up a storm. I asked if they were Christians and they all said yes. Two Catholics and a Protestant. This conversation got interesting and went on for a long time. One kid wanted to argue forever that he wasn't a liar even though he admitted to telling thousands of lies. He didn't think telling lies made him a liar. I shared the gospel and they said it made sense but they continued to say they were good and would get to heaven because of their goodness. The Protestant kid was very mad that I said only Christians will be in heaven. He thought all religions would be in. He also got fired up when I said man is evil and there is no good in him, only God is good. He steamed up and said,"are you telling me you think only God is good", I said your exactly right. His friend now took over and got into an argument with himself about Superlapsarianism and Infralapsarianism. I don't think he had a clue those terms even existed but he was arguing with himself whether God knew man would fall in the garden or if God made man fall. I just sat back and never said a word and he eventually argued himself into a circle and then shut up. We argued for a while longer, they were not convicted at all but the gospel was presented and the seed was planted.

TJ was witnessing to a lot of people this whole time as well. The rest were giving out tracts. Peters was faithfully standing by me, waiting for his turn to jump in.

We moved downtown to the move theater. Peters and TJ took 3 kids on the sidewalk before the theater. A couple of them claimed to be Christians. There was a lot of kids hanging out in front of the movies. I walked into the crowd and asked if they wanted to see a magic trick. Several kids recognized me because I shared the gospel with them before. One asked if I remembered him from downtown. I asked if he thought about the things I talked with him about, he said he did. Another kid shouted out that I interviewed him. I think these where the same kids we witnessed to at Starbucks. I did some tricks and they all were shocked. I held up two million dollar bills and two real dollar bills and offered them to anyone who could pass the good person test. The rest of the kids came over and now I had 15-20 kids surrounding me all wanting the money.

In the crowd were our hecklers. There are a couple kids we see when we are on the street that always follow us around and heckle us when they see us. They climbed atop a concrete block above the crowd to heckle as I did the good person test. One girl said she was the best person here so I picked her. I took her through the law and she failed miserably but still proclaimed here goodness because she goes to Hannaford church 3 days a week. She had no clue. I shared the good news of the gospel with the crowd as the hecklers threw out question after question.

As the crowd dispersed, the rest of the crew picked them off, either witnessing to them or giving them tracks. TJ and Peters had some great witnessing encounters. I dealt with the hecklers. They were throwing out every skeptic argument you can find
on the Internet. I told them I was going because they were not serious about actually knowing if God exists, they just wanted to argue. They said they really wanted to know and last time I witnessed to them I told them to look into the truth and they said they did. I believe that they did, they just looked in all the wrong spots on the Internet. They wanted to prove God wrong, which is fine, at least they are researching it. God has saved many people who started out trying to disprove His existence.

The hecklers settled down. I told them to get off their pillar and they got down. I said I would answer any serious question. They asked them and I answered them. I told them to look into answers in Genesis for answers to all their science questions.

It had been raining hard for the last 1/2 hour so we decided to call it quits. I have been sicker than a dog the last two days with a high fever. I felt bad when we started but as soon as I started sharing the gospel, God took all my symptoms away. I gained full strength, lost the cough, and was revived the whole time witnessing. I heard of this happen in the past to pastors getting real sick and as soon as they step into the pulpit they are revived. My symptoms returned on the drive home. Praise God for the great night. In a short period of time we shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with around 35 people.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

John Piper and the Prosperity Gospel

Harvest Fest

Last night was Harvest Fest, which is put on by our church, Wolf Creek Baptist Church, every year at this time. It went so good. We had a huge turn out. We were expecting 80 or 90 people and 137 or so people showed up. We had good music from Bob and Tim Redmond's kid. The food was great and we had such good fellowship. Mike Peters was are speaker and he shared his testimony of how God saved him in prison after a life of sin and rebellion against God. It was great. He compared and contrasted his life with the man in the Bible that was demon possessed by Legion. Praise God for all His goodness and grace.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I have been studying hermeneutics lately and this summary from Herman Who, a Hermeneutic Primer, by Todd Friel really helped me at the task of interpreting Scripture. I hope it helps you too.

Step 1: Observe the Text.

What does the text say?
Who was it written by and to whom?
What is the author’s reason for writing it?
What is life like?
What are the circumstances?
What is the culture?
What is the commercial trade or industry?
From where and to where is he writing?
When did he write it?
What is his or their situation?

*To answer the questions in step 1, use your Bible, other books written at the same time, and commentaries.
*Note: We cannot understand the verse differently than the original audience. We know more than the original audience, while we can use that knowledge to know how that information helps us form our theology, we can’t use that to expand what the verse would have said to the original audience.
*Example: Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future hope.” This was written to people in captivity, not you. We can’t apply this verse to ourselves and say God has a plan for us and gives us hope. God does, but use other verses to form this theology.

Step 2: How wide is the river? What are the differences between the biblical audience and us?

What is the culture?
What is the setting?
What is the Time period?
Old or New Covenant?

Step 3: What is the theological principle of the text?

Step 4: Does the New Testament change our understanding of an Old Testament text? Ex.: Sacrifices

Step 5: Application

How should the individual Christian apply the theological principles in our lives today?
*We must be specific. Just because it is a principle, does not mean we can use it.
The situation needs to resemble the general situation and then apply the text to our situation.


Philippians 4:13. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Step 1: Observe the Text. Paul is writing this letter from prison to the church. He is experiencing trials and awaiting sentencing. The theme of the letter is to encourage the church to stand firm in trials.

Step 2: How wide is the river? Not very. We are New Covenant believers that experience trials.

Step 3: What is the principle? Jesus will give Christians strength to endure trials and hardship that come from being a Christian.

Step 4: Does the New Testament change our understanding of an Old Testament text? No

Step 5: Application: We must first meet the criteria of Paul in context. We must be a Christian that is being persecuted because of our faith in Christ, not just typical struggles like working, sports, etc. So the principle applies if we meet the criteria: Jesus will give Christians strength to endure trials and hardship that come from being a Christian. Examples: An unequally yoked Christian that is being treated bad by his or her spouse because of their faith. Being passed over at your job for a promotion because of your faith.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Joel Osteen vs. Paul Washer

Shepherds conference

Praise God! I just signed up for John Macarthur's Pastors Conference on March 3-7th in California. Tim Killillay is also signed up and we are waiting for a few more. Can't wait.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

October fest

I met Brent and Mark B. at 5pm to go and share the gospel at October fest at the Fairgrounds in Helena. There wasn't as many people there as we hoped for. The Bull fest, in the building next door, was at 7pm and had a lot more people. We didn't want to pay to get in so we witnessed to all the smokers who came out to smoke.

The awkward group

The first group of people I shared the Gospel with turned awkward. I did some magic tricks to this group of a mom, her daughter, a little girl and a guy in his 40's. After the tricks I swung to the spiritual and asked them if they were Christians. They knew what I was about and they guy rolled his eyes and stormed off. The mom and daughter stayed. I took them through the law and they were convicted and said they would end up Hell. I explained the gospel and then the mom left leaving me awkwardly with the daughter by myself. I wanted to get away from this situation but she was convicted and was asking how God saved me and she was very concerned she was going to Hell. Her boyfriend came over next and put her arm around her. I think he thought I was trying to steal his woman. I explained what we were talking about and then shared the gospel with him. He then realized what I was all about and relaxed. I told them about Calvary Baptist church and they said they would check it out.

As I was talking with this group, Brent jumped right in and talked with a couple that were confused. The guy said he got saved when people laid hands on him. Brent asked if the gospel was presented and they guy said no. They both went on to say their good works would get them to heaven. Brent shared the law and gospel and talked for 20 minutes with them.

Mark B. is very bold and to the point, which I like. He just walks up to people and asked them if they died if they would be in heaven or hell, if they are secure eternally or not. he doesn't waste much time talking small talk, he just jumps right in to the important stuff. Praise God for Mark.

The angry Catholic

I next witnessed to a Catholic couple. They didn't want to talk at first but I did some magic tricks and then took them through the law. They guy was getting fired up. He thought you just had to be a good person and a good Catholic and you would be in heaven. After I took him through the commandments he seen he wasn't good and that made him mad, not convicted. He went on to say the Bible was not God's word and that God would forgive him if he asked. I used the judge analogy and asked if you stole three cars and were standing before the judge and asked him to forgive you, would he? He said no. I explained the justice of God. He then got mad and said, "are you telling me I need to repent?" I said that I didn't know him at all but he did say he broke the commandments. I told him every man that sins should repent and trust in Christ. They left. Throughout the night Brent kept seeing the couple and they guy got more angry until they left. He was convicted and angry. Praise God because the seen was planted.

The Rough and Tough Lot

I did some magic tricks to these three guys drinking beer at a table. They liked the tricks and were open so I went into the Law. Two said they were not Christians and One said he was. They said they didn't know what would happen when they die. I took them through the law and they willing said they would end up in Hell. I explained the way out through Christ and the cross. The one kid was in the military and had all kinds of tattoo's. He explained the meaning of them all and said he killed many people. He also said he has seen many horrible things in his life and didn't believe in God because of the things he saw. He gave the typical argument that if God exists, how could he let horrible things happen. I asked why he blamed it on God and not men. I explained how man is fallen and sinful and they do horrific things and this was all a result of man's disobedience to God. He asked if it was a sin to kill people in the military. I explained just and unjust wars but brought the focus back to his sin against God. I talked with him for quite a while. I gave him a gospel tract and he said he would read it. I explained how God saves someone and that if he left here today and nothing changes then God is not drawing him, but if he leaves here today and feels guilty for his sin and can't get it out of his head then it is a sign God is calling him to repentance and faith in Jesus. He said he feels guilty every day.

The Cops

When I was witnessing, Brent was handing out tracts and sharing the gospel when the organizer of the event and the cops showed up and told him he can't give out tracts. The organizer said this wasn't the place for this and if he continued to do it they would kick us out. Brent told me about this when I was done witnessing. I told him that God was going to teach us to share the gospel without tracts as ice-breakers. I told Brent that they can't stop us from talking to people and Brent agreed. We kept sharing the gospel but the cops followed us everywhere we went. Praise God. It was kind of entertaining more that discouraging. We led the cops all around and it was fun.

The Methodist, Mormon and Catholic

I know this sounds like a joke but we walked over to the bull fest and shared the gospel with some smokers. A Methodist, Mormon and Catholic. I did some tricks and then took them all through the law and gospel. The Methodist and Mormon said they were going to Hell. The Catholic knew the most but was confused. I explained the cross and told them they have a chance to be saved through Christ and the His work on the cross. They seemed convicted but it was hard to tell. Seeds planted.

The Atheist

We walked back over to the bull fest and met the door guy. I did some tricks and asked him if he was a Christian. He said he was an atheist. I told him I could prove God existed and used the building is proof there is a builder analogy. He said he had to go but I gave him a book by Lee Strobel that shares how he, an atheist, who looked into the evidence of Christ and God saved him. He said he would read it.

The drunk

We walked back over to October fest and had the cops follow us around. I started witnessing to a man who was drinking. It turned out he was drinking more than I thought. I took him through the law and he got fired up. I had to calm him down a little by shaking his hand. He told me all these things that happened in his life and that if it wasn't for his daughter he would be an idiot drunk somewhere. He said his daughter was his savior. When I started to comment on that he knew what was coming so he started babbling. He said he had complete peace with God, even though he was getting wasted, was depressed, and miserable. I told him about Calvary Baptist and told him to go.

We were back over at bull fest to witness to the smokers. I did some tricks for two guys and two girls and then went into the gospel. As soon as I mentioned the gospel the two girls stuck up their noses and stormed off. I took the guys through the law and one said he would be in Hell. The girls came back and drug them away.

We were allowed by our gracious God to witness to about 27 people as well as all the tracts we gave out.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


God is Gracious. I gave away a magic trick to a kid we witnessed to last week. God provided through some anonymous person with a gift certificate, that showed up in the mail, to a magic shop so I could replace the trick and buy more. Praise God for His gracious provision and for that person being obedient to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Town and the Cure

One day someone noticed something different about the people in this small town. They were all required to get checked out by the doctors because the doctors felt it was cancer. The people of the town were very skeptical because they felt fine and were happy with themselves. They all reluctantly went but refused to see the results of their tests. The doctors soon found they were right about everyone having cancer. The doctors discovered that they have had this cancer since they were born but this cancer was an incurable form so they had no cure for it at all. The people in the town had a 100% chance of dying from this cancer soon. The doctors excessively worked on finding a cure, but the town’s people went on with their lives believing nothing was wrong with them.

One day a man found a cure for the cancer, he found it was a very simple cure that wasn’t new but has been around forever. He was so excited that he had the cure that would save peoples lives that he started to tell all of the town’s people. The town’s people were very offended at this man because by telling them about the cure he suggested that they had cancer. They were very mad at the man and told him to mind his own business because there was nothing wrong with them. After telling the town the cure and being rejected and chastised each time he was frustrated. He had to think of a way to tell these people about the cure because even though they hated him, he stilled cared for them and wanted them to be cured.

One day he thought of a great idea. He would write the cure for the cancer on a paper and give it to all the people. So he did, he left them at the store and in the mail and everywhere he could in hopes the people would see it and read the cure. He figured if they wouldn’t listen to him they could read the cure at their convenience. To his surprise the people were still very offended because they didn’t think they had cancer. He then realized that they would never accept the cure for the cancer until they actually knew they had cancer. He then wrote on a piece of paper all the symptoms that someone would have if they had this form of cancer and then he wrote the cure. To his great surprise the town’s people still rejected him because even though they knew they had the symptoms they refused to admit they had the cancer. They thought if they believed they were healthy then it was probably true and they wouldn’t have to face the consequences of having cancer.

The man with the cure devoted his whole life to trying to explain to the town’s people that they had cancer and he had the cure and all they had to do was see that they had cancer and take the cure and they would be cured and live. Over time a few people finally seen they had cancer and received the cure and were very grateful that the man tried so fervently to tell them the truth and even more grateful for the cure itself. They thanked him greatly and then went to the rest of the town’s people to tell them the cure. The newly cured town’s people faced the same rejection as the man with the cure. As more time passed people started to die from the cancer, this caused some to look at their own symptoms and receive the cure but still others were too stubborn and prideful to admit they had the cancer. Eventually all the town’s people who never would admit they had the cancer and receive the cure died at a very young age and those who did receive the cure all lived for a long time.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


We were back at again last night. I met Mike P. and Yoshi in time to catch the crowd leaving the Carroll College football game. We walked to the stadium and onto the field and gave out tracts to the players and fans. We gave out over 100 tracts in about a half hour.

We headed back to my truck meet TJ and to get my Elk tracts because the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation was having their annual banquet at Carroll College. At the truck we talked with a couple guys in their truck. They were outspoken and had almost everything you could have wrong, wrong. We gave them Tracks and TJ gave them a book on the infallibility of the Bible. They like to argue, we talked for a while and then left them. They were more of a distraction than anything.

We stood outside the RMEF banquet and gave out elk tracts as people entered. Everyone thought we were part of the banquet and gladly took the tracts. We eventually ran out but gave out 50 or so. Mike P. tried to give out some regular tracts and the people rejected them and were mad, but they willing took the elk tracts.

We moved downtown. Not much going on. TJ, Mike, and I ran into the homeless guys we see all the time. They know us well but are hardened to the gospel. They called us over and we talked for a while. A new homeless man was with him. I talked for a little while but he got very angry and wasn't up for reasoning so we left.
Yoshi and his friend witnessed to a few people at the walking mall. We moved up to the Cathedral and I gave out some tracts as people were leaving mass. The rest of the crew did the same. We moved back downtown. I shared the gospel with a couple kids sitting outside the bar. They were clueless and just laughed the whole time. The night was over. Not much happened tonight but a lot of seeds were planted. May God alone bring the increase according to His good pleasure and glory.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Magician

It's Friday night and we are back on the streets. I met Mike P., Brent, and Yoshi at 5:00pm. It seems the more we do this the more resistance we face from the Devil. A few days before and especially the day we are going out to share the gospel, everything that could stop us from going happens. We all made it tonight though. We started out with prayer as we always do and moved towards Carroll College. We seen a few people smoking outside Hardees so I did a few magic tricks for them and started sharing the gospel. The two girls left immediately but one man stayed. I asked him about his tattoos and it turned out he was in a street gang in some other city at one point. I took him through the Law and shared the gospel. He seemed interested. I asked him if he had a Bible, he said he never so I offered to give him one. He gave me his name and address and I told him to look for it in the mail. He promised to read it.

We moved through campus but there were not many people around at all so we moved up to the walking mall. Mike P. and I split off from Yoshi and Brent. We ran into a group of kids and an adult wandering the streets so we shared the gospel with them. The adult was kind of irritated and never wanted us around. I talked mostly with an agnostic. Mike shared the gospel with another kid. All the usual arguments. Seeds planted.

We swung around to the jail and gave some tracts to a few cops and then moved down by the Cathedral and St. Pauls Methodist Church. I found one guy to witness to at the Methodist Church. He was cooking for the church dinner but took a cigarette break. I asked what he thought it took to get to heaven. He looked at me and said, what you don't know. I said I did. He said all it took was love. I asked him why Jesus had to come then. He said as an example and message. I said not to shed His blood on a cross for forgiveness of sins. He was very angry and sarcastic. He also said everyone in the world has a part of God in them. I asked him if he could think of some Bible verses to support his view. He got mad and mocked us. He finished his cig and went back inside. I told him to have a great day.

We moved down to God's love and talked with a guy I know that just got out of jail. He was not at all repentant and he was very angry. Mike P. shared the gospel with him again. We walked back to the church because it was late. We ran into some people in front of the staggering ox. I asked them if they wanted to see a card trick and the one kid was very interested. I did the trick and it blew him away. Turned out he was a magician. We started sharing card tricks and other tricks and had a good conversation. His friends left but he stayed. He wanted to buy my card trick off me for $20 and he put the money down. I told him to wait a minute before I decided. I then took him through the Law and gospel. He was convicted and listened intently. He just got out of prison and was at the pre-release center. Mike P. then chimed in because Mike himself went through the same thing before he was saved. We told him it was not by coincidence that we met him. He agreed and said he would never listen to anyone. The only way to get to him was through magic.

So God, by His Providence, put us together. Mike an ex inmate like Chris and me into tricks like Chris. Praise God. He said he would think about all we told him about the gospel. He was convicted and knew he would be in Hell if he died tonight. I gave him the card trick and let him keep his $20. He thanked us immensely and gave us hugs. Funny how God works. This hardened man that just got out of prison, that has made bad decisions all his life, that has no use for people like us heard the gospel and by the end of the conversation was thanking and hugging us. The gospel is the power of salvation to those who are perishing.