Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Town and the Cure

One day someone noticed something different about the people in this small town. They were all required to get checked out by the doctors because the doctors felt it was cancer. The people of the town were very skeptical because they felt fine and were happy with themselves. They all reluctantly went but refused to see the results of their tests. The doctors soon found they were right about everyone having cancer. The doctors discovered that they have had this cancer since they were born but this cancer was an incurable form so they had no cure for it at all. The people in the town had a 100% chance of dying from this cancer soon. The doctors excessively worked on finding a cure, but the town’s people went on with their lives believing nothing was wrong with them.

One day a man found a cure for the cancer, he found it was a very simple cure that wasn’t new but has been around forever. He was so excited that he had the cure that would save peoples lives that he started to tell all of the town’s people. The town’s people were very offended at this man because by telling them about the cure he suggested that they had cancer. They were very mad at the man and told him to mind his own business because there was nothing wrong with them. After telling the town the cure and being rejected and chastised each time he was frustrated. He had to think of a way to tell these people about the cure because even though they hated him, he stilled cared for them and wanted them to be cured.

One day he thought of a great idea. He would write the cure for the cancer on a paper and give it to all the people. So he did, he left them at the store and in the mail and everywhere he could in hopes the people would see it and read the cure. He figured if they wouldn’t listen to him they could read the cure at their convenience. To his surprise the people were still very offended because they didn’t think they had cancer. He then realized that they would never accept the cure for the cancer until they actually knew they had cancer. He then wrote on a piece of paper all the symptoms that someone would have if they had this form of cancer and then he wrote the cure. To his great surprise the town’s people still rejected him because even though they knew they had the symptoms they refused to admit they had the cancer. They thought if they believed they were healthy then it was probably true and they wouldn’t have to face the consequences of having cancer.

The man with the cure devoted his whole life to trying to explain to the town’s people that they had cancer and he had the cure and all they had to do was see that they had cancer and take the cure and they would be cured and live. Over time a few people finally seen they had cancer and received the cure and were very grateful that the man tried so fervently to tell them the truth and even more grateful for the cure itself. They thanked him greatly and then went to the rest of the town’s people to tell them the cure. The newly cured town’s people faced the same rejection as the man with the cure. As more time passed people started to die from the cancer, this caused some to look at their own symptoms and receive the cure but still others were too stubborn and prideful to admit they had the cancer. Eventually all the town’s people who never would admit they had the cancer and receive the cure died at a very young age and those who did receive the cure all lived for a long time.

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