Sunday, October 11, 2009

October fest

I met Brent and Mark B. at 5pm to go and share the gospel at October fest at the Fairgrounds in Helena. There wasn't as many people there as we hoped for. The Bull fest, in the building next door, was at 7pm and had a lot more people. We didn't want to pay to get in so we witnessed to all the smokers who came out to smoke.

The awkward group

The first group of people I shared the Gospel with turned awkward. I did some magic tricks to this group of a mom, her daughter, a little girl and a guy in his 40's. After the tricks I swung to the spiritual and asked them if they were Christians. They knew what I was about and they guy rolled his eyes and stormed off. The mom and daughter stayed. I took them through the law and they were convicted and said they would end up Hell. I explained the gospel and then the mom left leaving me awkwardly with the daughter by myself. I wanted to get away from this situation but she was convicted and was asking how God saved me and she was very concerned she was going to Hell. Her boyfriend came over next and put her arm around her. I think he thought I was trying to steal his woman. I explained what we were talking about and then shared the gospel with him. He then realized what I was all about and relaxed. I told them about Calvary Baptist church and they said they would check it out.

As I was talking with this group, Brent jumped right in and talked with a couple that were confused. The guy said he got saved when people laid hands on him. Brent asked if the gospel was presented and they guy said no. They both went on to say their good works would get them to heaven. Brent shared the law and gospel and talked for 20 minutes with them.

Mark B. is very bold and to the point, which I like. He just walks up to people and asked them if they died if they would be in heaven or hell, if they are secure eternally or not. he doesn't waste much time talking small talk, he just jumps right in to the important stuff. Praise God for Mark.

The angry Catholic

I next witnessed to a Catholic couple. They didn't want to talk at first but I did some magic tricks and then took them through the law. They guy was getting fired up. He thought you just had to be a good person and a good Catholic and you would be in heaven. After I took him through the commandments he seen he wasn't good and that made him mad, not convicted. He went on to say the Bible was not God's word and that God would forgive him if he asked. I used the judge analogy and asked if you stole three cars and were standing before the judge and asked him to forgive you, would he? He said no. I explained the justice of God. He then got mad and said, "are you telling me I need to repent?" I said that I didn't know him at all but he did say he broke the commandments. I told him every man that sins should repent and trust in Christ. They left. Throughout the night Brent kept seeing the couple and they guy got more angry until they left. He was convicted and angry. Praise God because the seen was planted.

The Rough and Tough Lot

I did some magic tricks to these three guys drinking beer at a table. They liked the tricks and were open so I went into the Law. Two said they were not Christians and One said he was. They said they didn't know what would happen when they die. I took them through the law and they willing said they would end up in Hell. I explained the way out through Christ and the cross. The one kid was in the military and had all kinds of tattoo's. He explained the meaning of them all and said he killed many people. He also said he has seen many horrible things in his life and didn't believe in God because of the things he saw. He gave the typical argument that if God exists, how could he let horrible things happen. I asked why he blamed it on God and not men. I explained how man is fallen and sinful and they do horrific things and this was all a result of man's disobedience to God. He asked if it was a sin to kill people in the military. I explained just and unjust wars but brought the focus back to his sin against God. I talked with him for quite a while. I gave him a gospel tract and he said he would read it. I explained how God saves someone and that if he left here today and nothing changes then God is not drawing him, but if he leaves here today and feels guilty for his sin and can't get it out of his head then it is a sign God is calling him to repentance and faith in Jesus. He said he feels guilty every day.

The Cops

When I was witnessing, Brent was handing out tracts and sharing the gospel when the organizer of the event and the cops showed up and told him he can't give out tracts. The organizer said this wasn't the place for this and if he continued to do it they would kick us out. Brent told me about this when I was done witnessing. I told him that God was going to teach us to share the gospel without tracts as ice-breakers. I told Brent that they can't stop us from talking to people and Brent agreed. We kept sharing the gospel but the cops followed us everywhere we went. Praise God. It was kind of entertaining more that discouraging. We led the cops all around and it was fun.

The Methodist, Mormon and Catholic

I know this sounds like a joke but we walked over to the bull fest and shared the gospel with some smokers. A Methodist, Mormon and Catholic. I did some tricks and then took them all through the law and gospel. The Methodist and Mormon said they were going to Hell. The Catholic knew the most but was confused. I explained the cross and told them they have a chance to be saved through Christ and the His work on the cross. They seemed convicted but it was hard to tell. Seeds planted.

The Atheist

We walked back over to the bull fest and met the door guy. I did some tricks and asked him if he was a Christian. He said he was an atheist. I told him I could prove God existed and used the building is proof there is a builder analogy. He said he had to go but I gave him a book by Lee Strobel that shares how he, an atheist, who looked into the evidence of Christ and God saved him. He said he would read it.

The drunk

We walked back over to October fest and had the cops follow us around. I started witnessing to a man who was drinking. It turned out he was drinking more than I thought. I took him through the law and he got fired up. I had to calm him down a little by shaking his hand. He told me all these things that happened in his life and that if it wasn't for his daughter he would be an idiot drunk somewhere. He said his daughter was his savior. When I started to comment on that he knew what was coming so he started babbling. He said he had complete peace with God, even though he was getting wasted, was depressed, and miserable. I told him about Calvary Baptist and told him to go.

We were back over at bull fest to witness to the smokers. I did some tricks for two guys and two girls and then went into the gospel. As soon as I mentioned the gospel the two girls stuck up their noses and stormed off. I took the guys through the law and one said he would be in Hell. The girls came back and drug them away.

We were allowed by our gracious God to witness to about 27 people as well as all the tracts we gave out.

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