Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Hecklers

Jeremy R. and I arrived early at the church to meet the rest of the boys for a night of sharing the gospel. When we were waiting a guy walked by so I did a magic trick for him and went into the gospel. He said to get to heaven you just had to believe in god. I said, "like Hindu's". He said yes. He went on to say everyone who believes in a god goes to heaven, only atheists go to Hell. I thought that was amusing. I took him through the law and he got uncomfortable. I shared the good news and he left, not wanting to talk. It is funny how "Christians" don't like to talk about Christ. All true Christians that I meet will talk about Christ all day.

The rest of the crew showed up a little later. We had TJ, Mike P., Yoshi. We moved over to Carroll College. The first kid I witnessed to grew up Southern Baptist and was thinking about becoming Catholic. He said he was trying to figure things out. I took him through the law and shared the gospel. He said if he died tonight that he would be in Hell. He said it concerned him and he would think about it. I told him not to wait because no one knows when they will die. He thanked me for the conversation and we moved on.

I ran into three kids walking across campus next. I did a card trick for them and they were cussing up a storm. I asked if they were Christians and they all said yes. Two Catholics and a Protestant. This conversation got interesting and went on for a long time. One kid wanted to argue forever that he wasn't a liar even though he admitted to telling thousands of lies. He didn't think telling lies made him a liar. I shared the gospel and they said it made sense but they continued to say they were good and would get to heaven because of their goodness. The Protestant kid was very mad that I said only Christians will be in heaven. He thought all religions would be in. He also got fired up when I said man is evil and there is no good in him, only God is good. He steamed up and said,"are you telling me you think only God is good", I said your exactly right. His friend now took over and got into an argument with himself about Superlapsarianism and Infralapsarianism. I don't think he had a clue those terms even existed but he was arguing with himself whether God knew man would fall in the garden or if God made man fall. I just sat back and never said a word and he eventually argued himself into a circle and then shut up. We argued for a while longer, they were not convicted at all but the gospel was presented and the seed was planted.

TJ was witnessing to a lot of people this whole time as well. The rest were giving out tracts. Peters was faithfully standing by me, waiting for his turn to jump in.

We moved downtown to the move theater. Peters and TJ took 3 kids on the sidewalk before the theater. A couple of them claimed to be Christians. There was a lot of kids hanging out in front of the movies. I walked into the crowd and asked if they wanted to see a magic trick. Several kids recognized me because I shared the gospel with them before. One asked if I remembered him from downtown. I asked if he thought about the things I talked with him about, he said he did. Another kid shouted out that I interviewed him. I think these where the same kids we witnessed to at Starbucks. I did some tricks and they all were shocked. I held up two million dollar bills and two real dollar bills and offered them to anyone who could pass the good person test. The rest of the kids came over and now I had 15-20 kids surrounding me all wanting the money.

In the crowd were our hecklers. There are a couple kids we see when we are on the street that always follow us around and heckle us when they see us. They climbed atop a concrete block above the crowd to heckle as I did the good person test. One girl said she was the best person here so I picked her. I took her through the law and she failed miserably but still proclaimed here goodness because she goes to Hannaford church 3 days a week. She had no clue. I shared the good news of the gospel with the crowd as the hecklers threw out question after question.

As the crowd dispersed, the rest of the crew picked them off, either witnessing to them or giving them tracks. TJ and Peters had some great witnessing encounters. I dealt with the hecklers. They were throwing out every skeptic argument you can find
on the Internet. I told them I was going because they were not serious about actually knowing if God exists, they just wanted to argue. They said they really wanted to know and last time I witnessed to them I told them to look into the truth and they said they did. I believe that they did, they just looked in all the wrong spots on the Internet. They wanted to prove God wrong, which is fine, at least they are researching it. God has saved many people who started out trying to disprove His existence.

The hecklers settled down. I told them to get off their pillar and they got down. I said I would answer any serious question. They asked them and I answered them. I told them to look into answers in Genesis for answers to all their science questions.

It had been raining hard for the last 1/2 hour so we decided to call it quits. I have been sicker than a dog the last two days with a high fever. I felt bad when we started but as soon as I started sharing the gospel, God took all my symptoms away. I gained full strength, lost the cough, and was revived the whole time witnessing. I heard of this happen in the past to pastors getting real sick and as soon as they step into the pulpit they are revived. My symptoms returned on the drive home. Praise God for the great night. In a short period of time we shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with around 35 people.

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