Sunday, October 4, 2009


We were back at again last night. I met Mike P. and Yoshi in time to catch the crowd leaving the Carroll College football game. We walked to the stadium and onto the field and gave out tracts to the players and fans. We gave out over 100 tracts in about a half hour.

We headed back to my truck meet TJ and to get my Elk tracts because the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation was having their annual banquet at Carroll College. At the truck we talked with a couple guys in their truck. They were outspoken and had almost everything you could have wrong, wrong. We gave them Tracks and TJ gave them a book on the infallibility of the Bible. They like to argue, we talked for a while and then left them. They were more of a distraction than anything.

We stood outside the RMEF banquet and gave out elk tracts as people entered. Everyone thought we were part of the banquet and gladly took the tracts. We eventually ran out but gave out 50 or so. Mike P. tried to give out some regular tracts and the people rejected them and were mad, but they willing took the elk tracts.

We moved downtown. Not much going on. TJ, Mike, and I ran into the homeless guys we see all the time. They know us well but are hardened to the gospel. They called us over and we talked for a while. A new homeless man was with him. I talked for a little while but he got very angry and wasn't up for reasoning so we left.
Yoshi and his friend witnessed to a few people at the walking mall. We moved up to the Cathedral and I gave out some tracts as people were leaving mass. The rest of the crew did the same. We moved back downtown. I shared the gospel with a couple kids sitting outside the bar. They were clueless and just laughed the whole time. The night was over. Not much happened tonight but a lot of seeds were planted. May God alone bring the increase according to His good pleasure and glory.

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