Saturday, November 21, 2009

State High School Football game

I met Mike P. and Brent at about 4:30 Friday night for another night of sharing the gospel. There was a big High School football game going on so we headed that way. We walked by the movie theater on the way and we talked with two ladies that were Catholic but lost. They thought they had to be good to get to heaven. We went through the commandments and they admitted to breaking them all and would end up in Hell. They were convicted. I shared the good news of Jesus Christ and it seemed to make sense to them. They asked about my testimony so I shared it. It seemed they were genuinely convicted. We left them with an urgency to repent and trust in Jesus.

We moved over to the RB drive-in and talked with some kids there. They were hardened to the gospel. All either Catholic or nothing. We went through the law and gospel but there wasn't much conviction happening. Brent talked with the younger kids and they mocked him as he shared the gospel. We left them with something to think about and moved to the game.

Everyone was trying to get into the game so it was hard to strike up a conversation. There were a lot of people at the game. Brent got into a good conversation with some kids from Missoula that mocked him but stayed and listened. We met up with Crebo and he gave us several hundred of his football gospel tracks so we gave them out to everyone who entered. We must have gave out close to 300 tracks at the game.

I saw one of the same groups of kids we see a lot when out on the street. I asked them if they have thought about what I told them and they said they hadn't.

We talked with another group of kids from Helena that were actually older. I thought they were in high school but they said they already graduated from college. They were lost and confused. I gave them the trivia tract and they went through it. They all believed in evolution and said they came from a monkey. Typical graduates from our public universities. They have this stuff ingrained in them at college and they believe it all without question. I took them through the law and then they left us and went into the game.

After we were out of tracks we went across the street to a park because there was 20 or 30 kids hanging out there. Brent took the group of guys and Peter's and I took a group of girls. All the kids there were lost and clueless about anything that was important. I did some magic tricks and gave them all million dollar bill tracts. I told them I would give $20 to anyone who could pass the good person test. They all volunteered. Doing this brings out all the most prideful, obnoxious people. I usually pick the most prideful and obnoxious person because it draws a bigger crowd to hear the Gospel. I took the volunteer through the law and she saw she was not a good person but a bad person and was going to Hell if she died tonight. She admitted she would and seemed convicted. I gave them the gospel and urged them all to repent and put their trust in Christ. It turned out the girl wasn't too convicted because see asked if she could have $10 for being kind of a good person. I told her she failed miserably and never came close to passing.

At the end of the night we were able, by the grace of God, to share the gospel with around 40 people and gave out over 300 tracts.

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