Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wednesday night pics

My friend Killillay is here for two weeks to share the gospel on the street with us and open-air preach at the fair next week. Killillay, Swider, and I met TJ downtown to share the gospel. There were so many people out last night and we were able, by God's grace to share the gospel with around 50 people one to one and give out 100's of gospel tracts. I don't have the time or space to tell about all of our experiences last night but I put some pictures to show you some of the people we talked to and to get an idea of the atmosphere. Our group witnessed to atheists, people who knew the truth but hated Jesus, evolutionists that were offended that we said they never came from a monkey, a couple homosexuals, skaters, Mormons, Chistains, people who thought they were Christians but were not,rockers, old men and little kids and a variety of others. Here are some pics.

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