Saturday, October 30, 2010

The West Yellowstone Mexican

I was so excited.  I was in West Yellowstone for work and was walking to the place we were to eat dinner and I saw a school bus that was converted to a Mexican take out place.  I just got finished memorizing how to share the gospel in Spanish so I went in looking for some Spanish speakers.  I found them.  The girl taking orders hardly knew any English so I spoke to her in Spanish and took her through the law and gospel.  It was cool.  Even though my Spanish was bad, she understood everything I said and actually got convicted.  She spoke to me in Spanish and told me she grew up Catholic but now is not anything.  She then said something about when she was a girl she never sinned but now she does and then she asked where Jesus is now.  All I could say in Spanish that He is "en el Cielo" , He is in heaven.  I gave her a Spanish gospel tract and left the seed to grow.

At work on Thursday, the fire extinguisher man came to inspect our extinguishers so I road along with him and it turned out that he was from Butte also.  We talked about Butte and the people we know and then I swung to the spiritual and took him through the Law and shared the Gospel.  He was wide open to talk and had a lot of questions that he had been struggling with for years.  We talked for 2 hours.  He thanked me a lot and said at first he thought, "I hope this guy isn't going to preach at me all day" but then he said he was very glad I brought up the topic.  He said that he shared things with me that he had never told anyone before and he said it felt good to talk about things.  We covered many topics and I shared my testimony.  He was interested in seeking God but had never read the Bible in his whole life.  I gave him my the first Bible that I ever owned.  It was the Bible I devoured when God saved me.  It had so many notes and highlights it was crazy but he said he didn't care.  I can't take it to Peru anyway so I would rather give it to someone who will read it.  You never know, God might use it to save him in the same way He used it to save me.  Gloria a Dios por su gracia.

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Anonymous said...

Scott, thanks for taking the time to blog. it's inspiring to read. The spirit is multi-lingual if your willing he is able. :)