Saturday, February 12, 2011

Reformation Montana

Reformation Montana

Baptists are the heirs of a rich tradition of renewal and reformation among Christ’s Church. Written in part by the blood of Baptist martyrs, history gives witness of the devotedness of Baptists to particular doctrines that are today long forgotten among our brethren in contemporary times. As with our Baptist forbears of four centuries past, Baptists of this age who defend God’s sovereign nature find ourselves calling for repentance that we may turn our eyes to God and His Scripture and away from the irreverent religious myths of our day. Baptists in agreement with this Declaration of Reformation do not believe that our denominational ties should be strained by our convictions. Just as our first Southern Baptist forbears widely accepted the Doctrines of Grace in such documents as The Abstract of Principles and yet led their fledgling denomination in unity and toward a more-evangelistic future, we desire to do the same. Even concerning those who hold man’s choice and assumed good nature as key to his own salvation, there is more that unifies us than separates us – and it’s around these similarities that we will continue to coalesce.

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Contact information:

Reformation Montana Temporary HQ
2181 W Holly St
Sidney, MT 59270
Reformation Montana Phone: 406-433-4004

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