Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Providence in Great Falls

God is so glorious in the way He chooses to reveal Himself to us. I went out to share the gospel in Great Falls with Matt Davis, the new man at church who is completely sold out for Christ and desires nothing but God. We started in the mall and tried to witness to some Hutterites but when I asked them what they thought it took to get to heaven they said they didn't want to talk any more.

The mall is actually a hard place to witness because everyone is usually moving around and busy.  We went to Sheels and chased a couple basketball players from Canada down and started a conversation with them.  They said they go to a Christian college but they didn't have a clue how to get to heaven.  I took them through the law and they seemed like they came under conviction, one kid particularly.  I then explained Jesus and the cross and His satisfying of God's justice.  It seemed to make sense to them and they said they were glad we had the talk.  Something was definitely going on with them spiritually.

We decided to leave the mall and go to the so called ghetto but we never found it.  The ghetto in Great Falls is a fine place to live.  No one was around so we went downtown.  We came across a Masonic Temple, or whatever they call it, and went inside to witness to some Masons but never found any.

I talked with a smoker outside of a restaurant who told me that he wasn't religious and didn't believe in anything.  He said his ex-wife killed his 18 year old kid and now she is in the crazy house.  We talked about sin and why bad things happen in this world.  We talked about what sin was and how all men were born in sin and continue to sin and are accountable to God.  After I explained the gospel it didn't seem like the guy cared too much but you never know how the Spirit of God works on a man.

We moved through the park downtown and met a Christian and talked with him for a while.  He gave us some tips on where to witness but he didn't seem to witness himself.

When walking back to the truck, God providential changed our route.  We saw a big church so we walked over to it to see what kind of church it was.  It was a Lutheran church, which we tried to go in but the doors were locked so we moved on.  Right across the street we saw a black man so we walked up to him at the same time he was walking up to us.  This is God's amazing providence.  The first thing he said was that he need to speak to a pastor.  I said he could talk to me and he told us his predicament which the details don't really matter because we were put together in order for us to share the gospel with him.  He said he was a Christian but when I asked why, it was based on all the works he did and how he didn't like jail so he turned to God.  I took him through the law which he admitted to breaking but still justified his works would make God forgive him.  We talked for a while about this and then I shared Christ with him.  He seemed convicted as I explained what Jesus did on the cross and I urged him to examine himself to see if he actually was a Christian before he died.  It was a great conversation.  Matt solidified our witness of Christ by helping him meet a physical need.  He was so thankful and gave us a hug on the street.  Matt commented that he hasn't had a "man" hug in a while, but you never know what will happen on the street.

We drove over to Hastings to get a cup of coffee and stir up a conversation.  The perfect people walked in.  The boy and girl in their 20's were loud and blabbing about everything so I gave them a trivia tract and they went through it, shouting the answers for everyone to hear.  I talked with a man about trapping while I waited for them to finish.  When they got to the last question about evolution I started asking them deeper question.  The girl was loud and a little obnoxious and had no problems telling me her opinion.  I took them through the 10 commandments and they said they broke them all.  They continued to be loud and this was great because I was loud as well and everyone around us was pretending to be reading but really listening to every word.  As the girl got more fired up, all of the people sitting around were on the edge of their seats to see what would happen next. 
She called me a Puritan, which I took as a complement but she meant as an insult.  She kept on insisting that God would forgive everyone on earth if they just asked Him.  I explained the whole biblical gospel to them and about God's justice and how He can't forgive sin without justice being satisfied though Christ.  It was great and everyone around us heard every word.  We ended the conversation and as we left I said good bye to the old guy I was talking about trapping to and he, all of a sudden, forget that he ever knew me.  Funny!

It was an unbelievable day of sharing the gospel and it revived our hearts to see God allowing us to be a part of His plan to glorify His name in His great commission.  Praise God.

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