Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Theology Thursdays

We sit in amazement at what God is doing in our little church in Wolf Creek, Montana. Through consistent expository preaching and study of the Bible we are seeing people growing spiritually in a big way. Our Wednesday night Bible study is packed and we started an additional Bible study in Helena for the members of our church that live in Helena which is taught by Leo Rogge at his house. Now most of the church is also at Bible study. People are truly seeking God and wanting to grow more. Because of a renewed sense of interest in the deep things of God we are going to start a systematic theology class on Thursday nights at 7pm starting in January. We will be diving into the monster systematic theology book by Wayne Grudem. We will read the chapter before we come on Thursday night and then discuss it as a group. We will also provide all of the 1200 page systematic theology books. Probably one per family. So come join us for a cup of coffee and theology. You will be sure to grow spiritually by leaps and bounds as you are grounded in solid, biblical theology. We have no schedule to get through this monster, it could take 10 years, so buckle up. Anyone can join at any time because we will be dealing with different subjects and chapters each week. See you there.

Topics will include:

The doctrine of the Word of God
The doctrine of God

The doctrine of Man
The doctrines of Christ and the Holy Spirit
The doctrine of the application of Redemption
The doctrine of the Church
The doctrine of the Future

If you are interested contact scott doherty at scott_doherty@hotmail.com we can order your book.


AL said...

Nice! Any chance of posting highlights out here? I've got the book, but haven't read the whole thing yet. It would be interesting to see some discussion from others.

Joni said...

This is a great book. Grudem's writing is clear and concise. Great addition to any group Bible study

Jordan said...

Grudem's work "20 Doctrines Christians Should Know" is a great resource because it's a very short version of Systematic Theo. We use it as a guide. Also, ACTS29 published a leadership-training resource based off of Grudem's "20 Doctrines" We use all three. They're worth looking at.