Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Paul Washer - Warning for Bloggers

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Anonymous said...

He made some very good observations and a lot of what he said was true. Many young men start blogs hoping to come up with brilliant posts and attract a flock of regular readers, with the goal of possibly becoming well-known. Even if they say their blog is meant to glorify God, often it ends up glorifying themselves.

I do disagree in some ways, though. More and more of the world is getting access to the internet and people are spending more time there. If we completely abandoned sharing the gospel using the internet, we would be neglecting many people whose lives revolves around their computer screens. The world is dark, yes. But so is the internet. Some of the people on the internet are not in the real world anymore.

As for not having enough experience to write about theology, well, this is partially true. However, if it is written with humility and acknowledgment that more growth needs to happen, I could see it being of some value. Certainly, they should not waste time trying to figure out theology with a blog, but they can at least point others to faith in Christ.

Thanks for posting this video. It makes me want to be careful in how I use my own blog.