Saturday, December 26, 2009

Atheist Central

Peters, Yoshi, and I met up for another day of sharing the gospel. It seems like we ran into mostly atheists today. We did our usual route through Carroll College, past the movie theater, through hill park, to the walking mall and library and then back. The campus was dead because of Christmas break. We hit the movie theater which was not dead at all. It seemed like everyone was going to the movies. There was a big line, so I went to the front and handed a stack of gospel tracts to a guy and told him to take one and pass it back. He did and the people in line passed out my tracts for me. Yoshi gave out around 100 tracts as the people funneled by.

I found a smoker at the theater and asked him about his beliefs. He was an atheist. I eventually got to his conscience and he admitted that if the Bible was true he would be guilty of breaking God's laws and end up in Hell. He said he wasn't concerned at all about Hell and it seemed he didn't want me talking to him. I told him to look into the things I told him, as he walked away.

We moved to the walking mall. I did a trick for a couple guys. They must have been late 20's early 30's. They had many demonic symbols hanging from their necks. One guy said he was an atheist and the other said Catholic. I looked at him and told him he wasn't Catholic but was an atheist. He actually agreed. They said they were atheists because of all the bad in the world. I explained why there is a lot of bad in the world by showing them that they are bad according the law of God. They admitted they were not good and after some reluctance of one guy, they said they would be in Hell. At this time, the devil, who always distracts us, sent one of his minions in the form of a drunk homeless guy. We have witnessed to this drunk guy before and knew he was very belligerent, confrontational and loud. He came up looking for a smoke and wouldn't leave. Peters, seeing the distraction, took him aside and starting sharing the gospel. He got very fired up with Peters, but it allowed me to explain the gospel to the guys I was talking with. They were convicted. I gave them tracts and my email if they had questions.

The walking mall was pretty dead so we moved down towards God's love shelter. Peter's shared the gospel with a guy that we saw earlier in the day at the church. He said he was saved but couldn't tell him much. Peters directed him and gave him tracts.

It was a good winters day of sharing the gospel. We gave out a lot of tracts and got to share the gospel with a few people. Even if we only get to witness to one person it is worth going out. Praise God!

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T.J. Kerttula said...

Thanks Scott sounds like you gave the gospel to quite a few people!!!