Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back to the streets

These are the feet of Peruvian pastors that walk a long way through the Andes mountains preaching the gospel.  I posted this picture here to remind me of real evangelists unlike myself.  This helps me not complain when we hit the streets in Helena for several hours and get rejected the whole time.  God is Sovereign and we trust in Him. 
We did hit the street last Friday night, TJ and I.  It seems people have become hardened even more and are even mad if you say hello.  We started out giving out tracts that only some would take.  The first person I shared the gospel with was a Catholic walking his dog.  He went to the Cathedral under the tutelage of Father O'Neil.  He had no clue how to get to heaven.  As I explained the law and sin and Jesus' substitutionary death on the cross, he seemed disinterested and I could tell he wanted to leave so I asked him if he was tired of me talking.  He made up a few excuses and bolted. 

I next shared the gospel with a cowboy going to pawn all his stuff because he was out of work.  He said he was a Christian but also did native American rituals.  We argued about that for a while and then I asked him what he thought it takes to get to heaven and he said to, "believe and be right."  He said he went to a Nazarene college.  I asked what, "believe and be right," even means and he just turned from and walked away shouting out from the sidewalk the phrase, "believe and be right."

TJ got into a big, long debate with an old man outside a bar who was smoking and drinking who claimed to be a Christian.  They went on forever as TJ corrected all his wrong beliefs.  I found a kid to witness to who was into that new "sport" that entails jumping from the tops of buildings.  I asked if he was scared to die and he said no.  I asked why and he said he never thinks about death.  This kid was 14.  I shared the gospel with him and made it clear that if he fell from the building he would be in Hell.  He didn't care.

The next guy we ran into is a sad state for American Christianity.  He was promoting his youth group called young life.  I guess they be-friend kids and hang out with them and be cool and shoot Twinkies from some kind of gun and then someone shares the "gospel" with them at the end.  They never condemn kids for their drug use, rebellion, filthy mouths, violence and so on but always try to encourage them to do better for Jesus.  This guy was a "pastor" or "minister" or whatever they call the guy who leads and preaches in this non-church affiliated program that attracts 100's of kids.  He told us that he was preparing a message to preach and was in Ephesians where Paul says that we are saved by grace through faith and not of works and then he turned to James where it says that works save and was confused.  Everyone who has been a Christian for a while has dealt with this easy paradox and I would expect a pastor to know the answer.  I asked him if he found out the truth and he said he had no idea and couldn't believe it was in the Bible so he threw it down and preached on something else.  Sad.

He went on forever so I finally stopped him and asked him to explain the gospel to me.  He said he didn't share the gospel on the street and that was our thing.  I asked what he would say if someone came up to him and asked what it took to be saved.  He said he would invite him to youth life.  I told him to pretend the guy asking just got hit by a car and was about to die.  He said he would try to explain to the dying kid his sin and then tell him that God would take care of him.  That's it.  I said to him:  wouldn't you say that because God is holy, He must punish sin.  Man is sinful and must pay the penalty.  God is good and sent His Son Jesus Christ to be our substitute and pay our fine for us and through the cross you can have salvation.  Repent of your sins and put your trust in Christ.  He said, "NO, I would never say it like that."  Oh Boy!

I witnessed to a group of 6 kids that were 12-14 who, if I found their parents I would probably be in jail.  How do even lost parents let their kids out of the house looking like a harlot with a cell phone.  I did a magic trick for them and took them through the law.  They all said they were going to Hell and didn't care so I left them under the law. 

Another Jeremiah day of sharing the gospel on the streets.

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