Saturday, January 15, 2011

Taking the gospel to the streets of Denver

Matt Davis and I took a road trip to Denver to see Killillay and hit the streets.  We got into Denver at 8:00 and hit the streets at 9:30.  We went to the downtown business district on 16th street.  I shared the gospel with a couple that were from the area.  It seems that everyone in Denver has their guard up because whenever I did a card trick for them or gave them gospel tracts they either thought I was going to rob them or that I was going to try to get them to give me money.  The man was a proclaimed Christian but sometimes went to the Catholic church.  The woman thought you had to believe in God to get to heaven and the man thought you had to love God and people.  I asked them why Jesus had to come then.  We talked about the things of God and the cross for a while and then parted ways.  They were grateful for the conversation.  The picture is Killillay talking to a Mexican.

We gave out tracts and tried to talk but not a lot of people wanted to, even though there were a lot of them. I saw 4 men in uniform so I stopped them with a card trick and asked them what they thought it took to get to heaven.  They all said works but one kid said Jesus.  I took them through the law and they were all humbled.  The one kid was a Christian and knew where I was going.  I explained Jesus and the cross.   They were polite and said it made sense.  Seeds planted.  The Christian kid and the Chinese kid thanked me for the talk and shook my hand.  The good thing about sharing the gospel, even if the people reject it, is that before the night they were not thinking about their souls and where they would spend eternity but after we talk to them, they have to ponder it.  God is so good in providentially directing us to the people that He wants us to talk to.

Next I finally found a man that could not speak English but only Spanish.  I totally botched my Spanish and drew complete blanks.  I followed him down the street for blocks as I fumbled through the gospel.  He was Catholic and was arguing but I couldn't understand him which drove me crazy and was so frustrating.  This makes me want to study Spanish twice as hard as before.

At the end of the night, Killillay talked with a kid forever on a park bench.  The kid had many questions and Killillay spent an hour answering them.  You can read about it at his blog.

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