Sunday, January 16, 2011

Denver - Day 2

Killillay and I headed back downtown to share the gospel.  The first guy I talked to was an agnostic.  I pointed to a building and asked him if the building had a builder.  He said yes so I asked him how he knows the building had a builder.  He gave the correct answer and said the building is proof there was a builder.  This lead me to my point of proving the existence of God.  I told him if he looked at the complexity and design of creation he would have to see that there was a designer.  I argued that the designer was God.  We went through the law and gospel.  He said that it made sense that Jesus became our substitute in order to satisfy justice.  We had a good talk and he thanked me for the conversation and I thanked God for it.  This first picture is of the conversation.  Killillay was talking to another guy so I gave out some tracts and found a man from France who could barley speak English.
The Frenchman was an agnostic and thought his beliefs negated reality.  I tried to get him to understand that just because he didn't believe in God doesn't mean that God doesn't exist.  We went through the Law and he gladly admitted to breaking the law but said it didn't matter because he didn't believe in God.  As soon as I said the name of Jesus, he stopped me and said he did not want to talk to me anymore.  I thanked him for the conversation, shook his hand, and left.  the picture below is of him.

We moved to Starbucks and I found a guy reading a book at a table so I started up a conversation with him and then swung into the things of God.  He was Jewish and was into his faith.  We got into a long, deep, philosophical conversation.  He was well educated but wouldn't admit that there was objective truth or the fact that if a man broke a law then the man was guilty of breaking the law.  I finally shared the whole gospel with him and challenged him to read the New Testament and spend some time trying to figure out if what Jesus said and did was truth.  This Jewish man was tolerant of all religions but hated Jesus and had no problem putting Jesus down. We moved on down to a Catholic church that they built a skyscraper around.  There was mass going on so we went in and saw the usual rituals and idols.  A woman was reading passages of Scripture that were good but the people had no clue what they meant.  This shows that man can't come to Christ on his own but only God can draw the man and open his eyes to the truth.  These people had the Scriptures but couldn't understand them.
We jumped on a bus next and got people in a enclosed space so that they couldn't escape.  We gave out tracts and Killillay started in on a guy next to him.  We got off and walked to Union Station where Killillay got into a good talk with a Mexican that was cleaning the floors.  We walked back toward the car and ran into a Mexican who just got off work from the cheesecake factory.  He only spoke a little English.  We struck up a conversation and then I took him through the law and gospel in Spanish.  He had questions and was fearful of going to Hell which he admitted that he was going there.  He asked what he had to do to escape Hell and I explained the cross and salvation again.  He said he had a Bible but it was in Old Spanish, kind of like the KJV Bible in Old English.  We told him what Spanish Bible to buy at the bookstore and I told him to start reading El Evangelio de Juan.  He was very interested and said he was going to do it.  He thanked us so much for talking to him about the things of God.  Gloria a Dios for His providence.  It would have been so easy to have gotten this man or many of the people we talked to,  to pray a prayer and proclaim him as "saved" like the Pope does, but that would be insane.  We explain the biblical gospel and let God save the people.  Our motive is to proclaim the biblical truth of salvation and let God get the glory of saving people.  I pity the people who go out evangelizing to try to get "decisions"  and then go home and brag of all the people they "saved".

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