Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another round of Atheists

Jeremy Roberts and I hit the streets of Helena for a nice day of sharing the gospel with those who are perishing. This time we had a special guest with us: my 11 year old daughter Raegan was excited to be with us. We started off at the staggering ox and ran into four lost, 17 year old, atheist, ignorant kids. They had very bad arguments and got most of their information off movies and the Internet as well as public schools. They didn't believe there was a God but they decided if there is a God they hate Him. They did hate God and Christians. They admitted breaking all God's laws and were not at all worried they would end up in Hell. They thought they evolved from an ape and were quite comfortable with all the "evidence" they were taught at school on the subject. They were the typical product of our government schools: God hating, ignorant, with no purpose or clue why they were on earth. I shared what Christ did on the cross, but probably should not have, and they mocked it and argued the typical arguments about the infallibility of the Bible, proof God exists, why did God create man knowing they would be evil. They blamed the God they don't believe in for making them evil. After they got fired up to the point of screaming, I shook their hands and thanked them for the talk and left.

We moved across campus to the downtown. We saw 3 men talking in a park so I did a magic trick for them and asked if they were Christians. Two said they were agnostic and the other man said he was a good old fashion atheist. They were not the typical angry atheists, they were actually nice guys. We went through the law and got into the complexity of the human body, cells, the eyeball and creation. They had some arguments but were open to listening. The old fashioned atheist was a medical student. I explained the substitutionary sacrifice Jesus made on the cross and told them they had a way to be reconciled to God. They didn't seem too convicted. The man in the black with the Russian Orthodox cross seemed most convicted. Seeds planted.The 3 pipe smoking Atheists and myself on the right

We moved downtown and ran into a guy and his girlfriend. They said they grew up Christian and thought they were going to heaven for sure because of their goodness and God's forgiveness. I did a card trick and went into the law. They admitted to breaking them all and thought they would be in Heaven still because God forgives. I had to explain that God can't just forgive people without satisfying His justice in the same way the judge at the court house can't forgive the criminal and let him go. Justice first has to be satisfied. This is where Jesus comes in. I explained how Jesus satisfied God's divine justice and reconciled us to God and to receive the free gift we must repent and put our trust in Jesus Christ. They listened and seemed genuinely open to it. I told them to think seriously about it because they could did tomorrow and they would be in Hell. The gospel seed was planted, only God can save them. The kid had huge ears. He put those earrings in that stretch out the lobe to the size of a 50 cent piece. This seems demonic to me because it mutilates the body. Praise God for the great day.

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AL said...

Ah, but there is always hope. Just this past week, a guy in our men's group at church gave his testimony - he was saved a month ago and was an atheist prior to that.

Tonight on the streets, I stopped to talk to some other evangelists that we meet out there, and found out that a girl who used to hang out with the atheists that oppose the street preaching, was also recently saved!

We serve an awesome God!

Great work with your witnessing. Even though you maybe shouldn't have given the Gospel to the four young atheists, you never know. They'll act all tough and cool with their friends, but maybe one of them will go home tonight and feel convicted by the words they heard earlier.

God bless.