Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friday Night witnessing

Robert's, Peter's, a new kid named Kenny and I met for a cold Friday night of sharing the gospel. We were able, by God's grace, to share the gospel with quiet a few people. Most of the conversations were the typical responses from the people we meet in the world. They would say that they are good people and being good is what determines what it takes to get into heaven. We take them through the Law of God and then they see who they truly are and that they are guilty before God. Some are convicted of their sin and see the need for a Savior and others are not. We explain the gospel to them and they respond in different ways. That is the typical witness encounter which were most of them last night.

One of the unique conversations I had last night was with three guys in their 20's. I did a magic trick for them and asked if they were Christians and they all said no. I asked what they believe happens when someone dies and they said that they would be in the dirt. They thought that was a good thing though and the philosopher of the bunch went on and on about how we are part of the earth and that god is in everything, you know, the typical pantheistic view. The kid dressed in all black said that there is no truth and everything is a lie and that he trusts no one. They admitted breaking all the laws of God but didn't care. They were happy to blaspheme the name of God and still proclaimed themselves as great people that didn't need God. One guy was quiet the whole time and may have been convicted so I shared the cross with them. They could care have cared less. They invited me to a bar to listen to a band and then stormed off seemingly unaffected by the whole conversation other than getting mad at me for saying that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven and all other religions are wrong.


AL said...

Seeds planted, we never know how the Lord will grow and nurture these in the future.

Have you heard the audio for 'George Street', about a man who gave out tracts for years and never knew of a convert until much later?

May God be glorified in all that we do.

Scott Doherty said...

I have heard the audio "George Steet" and love it! It is very encouraging to understand that we plant the seeds and only God Himself brings the increase. Thank you for the encouragment brother Al and following this blog.