Friday, March 12, 2010

Muslim cab driver

We had to take a cab when the whole family went to Disney Land on Saturday. I love L.A. because it is so diverse. Every cab driver we had was from a different country and you don't even have to look for people to witness to because they are everywhere. Millions of people just waiting to hear the gospel, it is great. Anyway, Our cab driver was from Kenya and was a staunch Muslim, even fluent in Arabic. I asked him his religion and he said Muslim and then went on to explain to me that people give Muslims a bad rap and that the Koran doesn't tell Muslims to kill people. I said, "what about Surah 9". He was surprised I knew about the Koran and asked me what it said. I asked him if he ever read the Koran and he said he did but couldn't remember what it said. I quoted the verse of the sword where Mohammad said after the feast go out and slay the idolaters (Jews and Christians) where ever you find them. He said that verse really means Muslims are supposed to defend themselves if attacked. We argued about that verse awhile but then I swung to the gospel. I took him through the Law of Moses and he admitted to breaking them all and sinning against God (or Allah as he said). I asked him how his sins could ever be forgiven. He was hoping Allah would forgive him but didn't know for sure. I explained the gospel and what Christ did on the cross and how God offers forgiveness of sins through His Son's atoning death on the cross. He was pretty hard hearted because he said he went to school to learn how to explain the Koran. We talked for 20 minutes and then we were at the hotel. I gave him a tract and we departed. He heard the gospel. Praise God for the privilege of explaining Christ to a Muslim.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having a great time in LA. I am glad to hear of your ventures.