Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The streets of Los Angeles again

We had another long dinner break at the conference so we just walked from the church into the mostly Spanish neighborhood. Killillay gave out a tract to a Spanish man and was able to explain the tract and gospel to the man in Spanish. We found a couple people at a gas station so I broke the ice with a card trick. They liked it so I showed them a few more. The man left to deal with a customer, he was selling cell phone parts. I asked the girl if she was a Christian. She said yes and I told her she was lying (she was just cussing over the card tricks). She said she thought she was but then I asked what it took to get to heaven and she said to try and be good. I took her through the law and she seemed humbled and very convicted. She said she knew she was guilty before God and would end up in Hell. She had a lot of questions she was dealing with for a while and we answered them. I had the privilege of explaining the cross to her. It made sense. She had more questions and shared some of the things going on in her life. It was going downhill. We explained this conversation was providential and she agreed. She knew she needed to get right with God. I explained the gospel again and urged her to repent and put her trust in Christ before she died. I never ask people to say a prayer. If God is working his Spirit in the person and convicting them, I won't have to talk them into saying a prayer, God will tell them. I just share the gospel and leave the converting up to God. We talked some more and then left her. She thanked us so much for stopping her and talking to her about Jesus Christ. It was providential, praise God. I talked with the man at the end and he said I surprised him by walking up to him and asking if he wanted to see a card trick. He said he has worked all over L.A. and no one has done that because everyone keeps to themselves. I asked if he liked it and he said he did and was glad we stopped.

We moved down the street and stopped at a liquor store where some kids were loitering. Killillay took the kids and had a long conversation with them about the gospel. They were very interested and convicted. They had questions and Killillay answered them. They were very glad he stopped to talk with them about Christ. As Tim was sharing the gospel with the kids, I talked to a Spanish woman. We had a good conversation about Jesus Christ. She didn't speak the best English and I speak bad Spanish (I started learning it a month ago). She thanked me for talking to her. We find that on the street most people are willing to talk to us about the gospel (by God's grace) and they are thankful we stopped them. This is probably contrary to what most people would think but everyone is struggling with stuff and they are looking for answers. We, as Christians, have the answers, the hope, the cure and all we have to do is give to the dying people and let God take care of the results. Praise God.
We moved down to a public library and I found an atheist. He was very logical and educated. I took him through the law, he had a lot of the usual objections which I answered. I shared the gospel to him and answered more objections. It was a good conversation. Seed planted. We went and ate at the el pollo loco (the crazy chicken). Almost everyone in there was Spanish. We gave out some tracts I had in Spanish and Killillay shared the Gospel in Spanish to a woman next to us. Praise God for the great opportunities to share the gospel. This was one of the highlights of our trip and we longed to stay on the streets witnessing for weeks but we had to return home.

I forgot to add one thing about the Shepherds conference. When ever you do anything for God you can expect the devil to show up and try and stop it. One evening some guys showed up with a big Nazi sign and said John MacArther wanted us to follow Hitler. There were plenty of cops that showed up in case there was a problem. I talked with them for a while and they said they were "Christians". MacArther never even made mention of these guys, which was great. They never got the attention they wanted.

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