Friday, March 19, 2010

The Used Car Salesman

If you ever have trouble finding people to share the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ with, I have a solution for you. Go to a car dealership and start looking at cars. Within 2 minutes, at the most, your fish will arrive. I did this today in Helena. I looked at some cars and here he came, like a wolf to a wounded sheep. I let him give me his sales pitch and then I gave him a million dollar bill tract because they all love money. I was able, by the grace of God, to share the gospel with him. He was hard-hearted and didn't want to talk about his beliefs. He still proclaimed his own righteousness even after the law and he told me some very ignorant things about the Bible. Seed planted though, gloria a Dios.

The other day I got the privilege of witnessing to 3 drugged out Atheists and then another confused Buddhist from Tasmania. Not much conviction in any of them but the seeds were planted.

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