Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Great Fall

While proclaiming the gospel in Great Falls we found evidence that the "Fall" was "Great". A depraved and wicked generation that hates the God that allows them to breath. I met Jeremy R. and we started at Paris Gibson Park. The park is surrounded by low income houses so it attracts many people. I don't want to go into detail on every encounter because it would take too long, so here is a summary.
We talked to some very lost, God hating, confused kids at the skate park first. They all had filthy mouths and bad attitudes. I went through the law and they were not concerned. Some thought they were actually Christians as they blasphemed Christ, while some blamed God for everything bad in there life. I explained the gospel and they openly mocked it. We moved on.

We talked to a couple Mormon girls and a Pentecostal man who said he couldn't be Mormon because he was black. They were all very lost and confused. I took them through the law and explained the gospel but they justified their sin and one of the Mormon girl got mad because I told her the Mormons were lying to her. After I explained to them that their only hope was Christ, the Mormon explained to me why she loved the book of Mormon. She loved it because they didn't have to hope in Christ. That is when I told her the Mormons lied to her and urged her to seek truth. They mocked some more and we left.

Talked to a drunk homeless man who had a Bible and used Proverbs 31 to justify his alcoholism. He professed Christ but justified all his sins. We didn't spend to long with this guy because he liked to argue and had been drinking plenty.

Stopped a couple in their early 20's on the street with a card trick. They thought you had to be good and be strong to get to heaven. I asked them if they were good and strong and they said they were so I took the through the law and they saw they were not. I explained how God has to punish sin because he is just and then explained how God punished Jesus on the cross in their place to satisfy His justice. There was not to much conviction but they listened the whole time. The girl admitted she was going to Hell but was ready to leave because she was hungry. Not to worried about Hell apparently.

Talked to a couple guys at the tattoo parlor, the owner and his buddy. We small talked about tattoos and then I asked them what they thought happened when they died. They didn't know, although one guy said he was saved. It seems like we ran into a lot of people who thought they were saved even though they have always lived and still live wicked, depraved lives, but they said a prayer at sometime in their lives and some pathetic pastor or evangelist proclaimed them as saved. The fruit of the modern "gospel". When I started talking about the things of God they both immediately left in the middle of the conversation.

We seen a crazy lady at the Taco store. She was out of her mind. I thought she may have been into demonic stuff so I gave her a tract and said it was about Jesus. She acted crazy but not how I expected.

I stopped a couple on the street with a tract. They read it and we got into a very good conversation. I thought the girl had an Irish accent but she was from South Africa. I thought the guy was from Australia but he was from Ohio. I am so bad at recognizing peoples accents. The girl knew the answer to the question about what it takes to get to heaven. The guy didn't and said he was a creationist evolutionist. Basically he believed that God used evolution to make the world and everything in it. I stuck to the law and gospel and then talked about creation. I explained some things he never heard and he was surprised that some of the things he believed were shot down. He said he would research things. The cool thing is that his wife and he were debating about the gospel yesterday and God put us together to answer some of his questions.

Gloria a Dios por un día glorioso de proclamando el evangelion en la calles.

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AL said...

Wow, sounds like you were pretty busy up there. We come across a lot of the same thing down here in Phoenix. Keep it up and don't be discouraged, we are called to witness and only God will make a conversion.

You may never know that one of your conversations with these people planted seeds that others will water as God uses this to draw them to Himself.
Sometimes it's those that you'd least expect.