Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rabbit trails....

I was out of town for work so I took a walk after dinner and ran into 4 men in their 20's from Colorado. I gave them a tract and brought up the things of God. Two of them pretty much left right away but two stayed. Neither knew what it took to get to heaven yet they claimed they knew God and one said he went to church. I took them through the law. One kid continued to justify his sin, even though he admitted he broken God's commandments. He said he only trusts in his own feelings not in man or the Bible. I told him the Proverb that said, "He who trusts in his heart is a fool" I explained the only way out through Jesus and why the cross was necessary. I mostly did for the other guy who was more humble and listening. They said they have heard it before but they clearly have never understood it because they thought being a good person could get you to heaven. We talked for 20 minutes. The one guy continued to try to take me down 1000 rabbit trails and wouldn't listen to reason. I ended by telling them my motivations for sharing the gospel with them and that it was the truth and they had a choice to reject it or think about it before they died and had to face God. Overall it was a good discussion. Seeds planted.

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