Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sometimes God shows the fruit......

Most of the time while witnessing we don't see immediate fruit, praise God for that since it would probably cause pride. Usually we see conviction, rejection, hatred, or the deer in the headlight look. We almost never see what happens to the people when they leave. We almost never see how the planted seed is watered but this time God found it pleasing to reveal a little bit of what He is doing in one kid. I received this email from a friend. The evangelist was Mike Peters.

Had a customer here tonight. Her son has a lot of friends over. They are SDA. Anyway, a boy that is on the fringe of friends because of the group he hangs with came over. He is kinda rough looking with big earrings, baggy shorts, etc. He came over to their house Saturday night and apologized for being late. He had been stopped by some 'Jesus People' on the street. Mother questioned him. He had been told quite a bit in a short time by some street evangelists here in Helena. He was very excited about it. He didn't know about Jesus before. He told her that he had already done 5 of the '10 sins' such as look at a girl wrongly...not just literal adultery. He was very excited about the encounter and the Mother carefully continued the conversation with him, made sure he knew several of the friends in the house knew Jesus as well (was a little bothered the kids were in stealth mode). She sent him home that night with a Refuel magazine which is an NCV Bible in magazine format. He read a lot of it and on Monday asked if he could go to church with them. He is very eager and doesn't know much yet, but the evangelist's seed is being watered right now.


AL said...

Wow, that is awesome! It is nice to hear these kinds of things once in a while.

I also like the first part of your post, where you stated that it would "probably cause pride" - I had never thought of that before. You're right, we usually don't get to see what happens after we've talked to someone, and I've always accepted God's will in that, not knowing the reason behind it. But that really makes sense - I'm sure if we saw too many of these it would definately lead to pride, hindering our own spiritual growth and causing us to rely on ourselves instead of Him.

We serve an awesome God!

Scott Doherty said...

Thanks for all your comments Al. Very encouraging

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for working and being faithful to His word. I know this will give you more fuel for the fire, my friend. It is encouraging to see how God works when we don't always know the circumstances. I will pray that God would continue to use you for His glory where you are!
Tim K