Friday, June 11, 2010

Alive @ five

God choose to bless our evangelism efforts this week. Sometimes, especially when the weather is bad, it is hard to find people on the street to witness to but God decided to bring about 500 lost, sinful men, women and kids all together in one spot just for TJ and me. There is a party called alive at five every Wednesday in Helena. There are bands and food and drinking, you know, all the things that attract the lost. This time it was hosted at the park at the library. There were so many people and God allowed us to talk to so many people about Christ that we were wore out from talking.

I can't go into all the conversations because it would take to long but there were a lot of seeds planted. One family at first hated Christianity, although the mom said she was a Christan/Mormon/Buddhist. Wow. I debated a couple Atheists for 1/2 hour on all points. They were civil and liked to debate. They did hear the gospel but rejected it. I did a bunch of card trick and presented the law and gospel to many kids, which most chose to ignore. Some were convicted but it is hard to say how God may use His word when they wake up the next day.

I couldn't resist debating the anti-trappers at their booth. I must say that I got distracted because of their ignorant arguments and never shared the gospel but left them a tract. I think I did convince them that their arguments were based on their feelings and not science.

TJ got into some good conversations and a couple kids that were convicted were interested in starting a Bible study.

While at this street party it saddened me. I wondered what kind of derelict parents would give their 13 year old kid a cellphone and some cash and shuttle them out of the house dressed like a harlot and tell them to have fun with the most wicked kids in town. Even 50 years ago parents raised their kids a lot different and the emphasis on family was a lot different. I wonder if America is any different, at all, than Sodom and Gomorrah.

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