Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Between the storms

Jeremy, TJ and I hit the streets between rain storms in Helena. We started out giving out a lot of tracts. The first people we ran into were at Starbucks. I asked the 3 guys sitting outside if they were Christians and they said they were. I asked if they knew what it took to get to heaven and they gave me the correct answer. They said they read their Bible every day and went to church but never shared the gospel with anyone. We encouraged them to do so and explained the great privilege God gives us in evangelism.

The town was mostly dead. It was memorial day so everyone was at home or still traveling. We stopped by the movie theater and gave out some tracts. I walked across the street to a park where a man and woman were sitting. I did a card trick and asked if they were Christians. The woman was in here 20's and they man in his 40's and they may have been homeless or at least living a rough life. The woman said she was a Christian and the man did not believe. I took them through the law and their conscience condemned them. I shared the greatest news in the world, their only hope, Jesus Christ on the cross as our substitute satisfying the wrath of God that we stored up. It seemed to make sense. They said they were in and out of church throughout their life better never heard it explained that way. I am afraid most churches haves stopped preaching the true and only gospel and replaced it with a tickle your ears, prosperity gospel to make people happy.

They had some questions and then we talked about my motives for talking with them and they were glad I stopped to talk with them. I encouraged them to seek God through the Bible and turn from their sins and trust Christ. Good conversation and seeds planted.

We walked around town and gave out some more tracts then hit hill park. There was a bunch of the usual kids their lost, without hope (except Christ), messing up their lives with drugs and alcohol. We walked into the middle of the crowd and started to ask them questions about life. I gave them some tracts, which they read the trivia game on the front, and took a group of them through the law. They were all so lost, they didn't care about anything. They all said they were going to Hell and it didn't bother them. I never gave them the gospel because they were not convicted. I told them if they ever started to worry about their condition with God and that Hell was waiting that they should read the tracts I gave them and find their only hope.

TJ was witnessing to another group. Most were hard-hearted and rebellious, arguing with him, but they soon left except for one kid that was interested. TJ explained the gospel and talked with him for a while and then gave him a gospel of John and got his email address. Praise God.

For the town being dead it was a pretty good day of sharing the Gospel. Seeds planted.

Gloria a Dios por un día glorioso de proclamando el evangelio.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Scott.

It's so refreshing to see that street evangelisim has made a comeback. Back in the late 60's the "Jesus People" were very active on college campuses. The Gospel presented was pretty watered down from the Biblical presentations you and others are giving now -

My husband, an outspoken atheist, was a long haired, drug using hippie and college student in Sacramento at the time. He kept encountering these zealous evangelists on campus and got so sick of them that he knelt and prayed "the sinner's prayer" just to get them off his back.

I know the sinner's prayer is woefully lacking, nevertheless, God used the witness of these people and my husband was genuinely converted a short time later. He went to Bible college and became a pastor.

So, keep up the Good work, because you never know what kind of soil you are seeding.

Blessings to you as you spread the Word!

Diane @ Theology for Girls

ps. We worked in Helena briefly a few winters ago. Beautiful little town! It was very COLD!! :)