Thursday, June 17, 2010

My friend Shon

This video is of my friend Shon Simpson. We were good friends in College but since we both moved away we lost touch. I haven't talked with him since shortly after I was saved. He was the editor for Eastmans hunting magazine but then started his own construction company. He has a great wife and two beautiful girls. He was in a bad construction accident on April 29th, 2010. He is now in a wheel chair and may be paralyzed for life if the Lord wills. I have never had the opportunity to share the gospel with Shon, since when I knew him I was a lost, wretched soul. I don't know the state of his soul. He has no way to support his family now and no way to pay medical bills, but our Gracious God is Sovereign over all these little things. It seems from his blog that there are Christians surrounding him. Pray for him and his family and his salvation. Also and opportunity to share the gospel with him, the only hope he or any of us have in this life. His website is

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