Monday, June 21, 2010

Un poco de la providencia

Jeremy S. and I hit the streets of Helena for an afternoon of sharing the gospel. God providentially put people in our paths today. I'll touch on a few.

We first ran into an agnostic that didn't want to talk so we moved to a guy on a bench smoking. I explained the law and gospel to him and we had a good, long talk. He was from the pre-release and told us about several things that happened to him today. He found out his mom was dying and his son was living on the street in some other state. He was distraught and confused about life so he decided by "chance" to go sit on a bench at the library. He told us that God must have put us together today, which I agreed. We encouraged him to seek God through the Bible and told him to examine himself to see if he was in the faith and to examine the Bible to make sure all we told him was true.

We moved down and talked with some kids making a documentary on something. I asked them what they believed about God and all were your standard answers except for the girl who thought aliens put us in the Virgin Mary and that we were all came from aliens. Apparently she got all her theology from some movie she watched. We were going through the law and were about to get to the gospel when their adult supervisor, who I gave a tract to earlier and now figured out what we were all about and didn't like it, came and snatched the group and they left.

We moved down the street to outside of a bar and talked with a guy smoking a cigarette outside. I shared the law and he got in a hurry to leave but God sent a tremendous hail storm that prevented him from leaving the shelter of the vestibule so I continued with the gospel. He heard it and decided risking the storm was a better option than talking about Jesus Christ so he made his escape into the hail storm.

We talked to some kids on skateboards next. I spoke with one of the kids before and he remembered. We talked for a while about the gospel and one kid was, surprisingly convicted and open. It was encouraging to hear that someone else gave him a tract and shared the biblical gospel with him and encouraged him to read the Bible to figure things out. I encouraged him to do the same and gave him some direction.

I stopped a kid at Hill park and gave him a tract. He looked it over and I shared the law and gospel with him. He was wide open to it and listened intently. He was convicted by the Spirit of God. He was anxious to look into the things of God. We encouraged him repent and put his trust in Christ. He asked how to do that so we told him. Praise God! We encouraged him to read the Bible and go home and seek God until he finds him.

Que un día glorioso para proclamar el evangelio.


AL said...

Wow, a guy would rather go out in a hail storm than hear the Gospel.
Still, it sounds like a great day of fishing over all.

I like the new look over here!

Anonymous said...

WOW! What a fantastic site! I love this. Sharing all that the Lord is doing in street evangelism. I'll definitely be back to read more.

And welcome to the Caf Calvinists network.

But wait - how can you be a Calvinist and go out to evangelize? Calvinism destroys evangelism, right? LOL (Kidding, of course!)