Thursday, May 12, 2011

The advancement of the Kingdom of Christ

Sometimes I feel that if I don't tell someone about the unsearchable riches of Jesus Christ, I will die.  This fire has been kindled lately. 

I was traveling down the road and came to the town of Big Timber so I stopped by my friend, John Wallace's church/coffee shop to visit.  It was raining out but I saw two guys standing in the rain smoking so I asked them if they were ever taught to get out of the rain and then gave them a gospel tract and started up a conversation.  One grew up Catholic and the other Lutheran and both were lost.  We talked about sin and the justice of God.  They started getting uncomfortable and justified their sin.  They said they were going to take my first point of advice and get out of the rain and into their car away from me.  I told them that I never got to tell them the best part.  I tried to explain the atonement of Christ on the cross but they had no interest and got into their car.  Oh to be surrounded by the gospel and openly reject it.  It would be better to have never been born than to know the gospel and reject it. 

Oh how I weep for the countless sinners that I talk to that are just like these guys.  We would all be the same if it wasn't for the unfathomable grace of God that was given to us.  Oh that the grace of God would be poured out like rain on a bunch of Hell deserving sinners like us and the kingdom of Christ be advanced.  Brothers, we should be crying out to God for His Kingdom to be advanced for His own glory.  We should weep when the name of Christ is not glorified like He deserves.  Come Lord Jesus, quickly.

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