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I grew up Catholic until God saved me and ever since I have studied more about the doctrine of the Catholic Church.  Many of the Catholic doctrines are closer to paganism than Christianity and I will expose a few of them in the next several posts.  It is important to understand what is being taught and performed in the Catholic church to avoid the error of thinking that the Roman church is just like any other church.  Most Catholics don't have a clue of what goes on during a mass or what Catholic doctrine even says, they just show up on Sunday, repeat their memorized prayers, kneel down, stand, sit, take the bread and wine and go to Denny's.  It is tradition and they don't know why they do the things they do.  On the other hand, the priests, bishops, cardinals, pope, they all actually do know what their doctrine is and what they are teaching and they are either blind or purposefully deceiving.  They will be held accountable for exalting tradition, Mary, the Pope, saints and everything else above the Scriptures and what they say.  So I will start this off with a series on mariology.  I used many resources in this research but you can find all the facts yourself on the Vatican's website here and the Catechism of the Catholic church.

The Worship of Mary

Mary is worshiped by Catholics as God. Some cathedrals have a statue of Mary at the top with God the Father and Jesus below her and offering their crowns to Mary. People kiss her image, her statue, her picture. People pray to her continually using the rosary. Mary is believed to hold the Sovereign authority of God.

Catholics believe that as the Queen of Heaven she posses the right to the whole kingdom of her Son. She can dispense anything in the kingdom to whom she wants. There are just as many creatures serving Mary as there are serving God. Mary has dominion and power over all creation. Jesus is King of justice but Mary is queen of mercy. Basically they are saying that it is hard to get mercy out of Jesus so you must go to Mary, who will get the mercy from Jesus because apparently Jesus can't resist his mother. Mary determines who gets mercy, who God saves, and who is helped.

This is blasphemy against the nature of God and the character of Christ our compassionate savior.

Mary the intercessor

She also shares holiness with God. Nothing can resist her power. Jesus takes delight in glorifying her and grants her every perfection as if He were paying a debt. Catholics believe that Jesus listens to all Mary says and grants her wish. If a Catholic loves Mary, they believe that they will receive what ever they want. Mary lifts people out of sin when they repent to her. She reconciles sinners to God. Mary basically has all the attributes of the Trinity and performs all the same duties. The salvation of all depends on Mary and her intercession.

Catholics refer to her as “God bearer” and say she gave birth to God and because of this she should be worshiped and adored.

This is a huge misconception. She gave birth to Jesus in his humanity. She did not give birth to God, God was never born.
In the Catholic Catechism of 1994, paragraph 2677, it says:
“By asking Mary to pray for us, we acknowledge ourselves to be poor sinners and we address ourselves to the mother of mercy, the all holy one.”

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