Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mariology, part 7

The Rosary

Beads that represent prayers. There are 5 sets of 10 prayers that are dedicated to praying to Mary and there are 5 beads in between each set of 10 Mary beads that are to be prayed to the Father. So when doing the Rosary, Catholics pray 50 prayers to Mary and 5 prayers to God. The 50 prayers are “Hail Mary” and the 5 are “Our Father”

This un-biblical and blasphemous act of praying to Mary would totally disgust Mary if she ever knew about it, but she doesn't. Mary has never heard a single prayer from anyone because she was a mortal human that sinned and needed to be saved by Jesus Christ and is now in Heaven where she worships her Son like the rest of Heaven. She can't hear a single prayer from anyone, anymore than your dead grandma can't hear your prayer. Praying to dead people is cultic.

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