Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When Providence Knocks

God has been giving me a lot of opportunities to share the gospel lately so I thought I would share a few of them.

The Miners

In Big Timber there were a bunch of hard-bitten, wretched miners waiting for the mine bus to take them to the Stillwater mine where they are enslaved. These guys vile, almost as bad as me. I walked up to the group and handed out tracts. One guy, the most outspoken and obnoxious man started in on me right away. He mocked the tract with a string of cuss words that he cleverly wove together. Once I started talking to the miners about death and where they would go when they died, the obnoxious man jumped in and told me to leave and that this was no place to be doing what I was doing. He asked if I was scared and I said that I wasn’t scared at all. He then backed off so I was able to share the gospel with the rest of them. They were hardened but the seed was planted. Some of them ripped up the tract in many pieces in front of me, without reading them.

The mystics

Around the corner I ran into a couple guys and a girl. I struck up a conversation and we ended up debating about the things of God for a long time. They had no logic to their arguments and were stuck on the bizarre idea that they could make their own truth.

The canoeist

I ran into a guy that was canoeing from three forks on the Missouri to the Gulf of Mexico. He said he was going on the trip to lose himself and be out of the world. He said he used to be a Christian but when he was walking down the street in Vegas, God pulled him away and brought him into judgment and then put him back on earth. His said he is now condemned and the Bible is not true. We got into quite a heated debate. He said he used to be an apologist but he must have been a bad one. He was totally closed to the gospel and would not let me explain the cross.

The tattoo man

I talked to a man that had naked women tattooed all over his body and of course he was wearing a cross and proclaimed he was a Christian. I asked what he thought it took to get to heaven and he said to be your true self. All I could think of is that we are all depraved, vile beasts who deserve Hell so if that is all we have to do to get to heaven then we are all in.

The Tramps

TJ and I witnessed to these two tramps, which the name they called themselves. They were just your typical traveler, homeless guys, one young and one old. The old man knew everything, just ask him, but the young Indian kid grew up under the care of a father who was a pastor but he knew nothing. They tried to take us down many rabbit holes but we stuck to the gospel. We talked and looked over Scripture for over a half hour and then a cool thing happened. The Indian kid who could barley even read started reading passages of Scripture. I thought this was glorifying to God because here was a huge wretch that was desperately lost and he was reading the very words of life. Praise God.

The Sikh

I saw a guy with a turban on so I went over and talked with him. He was a Sikh from India. I asked him a lot of questions and just let him dig holes. We talked about the consciousness and what is was and where it came from. We talked about the god inside of you and the point of life and reincarnation and a bunch of other eastern thought. His wife came and pulled him away before we could get into the gospel though. I guess you don’t need to go to India to find a Sikh, they are here too.

The nations are here! But who will go there? How will those in India hear the gospel without a preacher? How will the preacher get there if no one sends him?

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