Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 Book Giveaway

If you already have an ESV and you know someone who might want one, put their name and address in the comment box or put your information in and give it to them if they are chosen. If there are questions or problems leaving a comment, contact me at scott_doherty@hotmail.com
To find out more about the ESV study Bible click here: ESV


Anonymous said...

Am I allowed to enter? I want one :) This is a great Bible!
Kim <><

Anonymous said...

What a nice prize! If it is in God's Providence I'll win!

Rob Jackson said...

I KNOW that you are the one really wanting this....very cool to give one away.


Anonymous said...

I'm Roberts, Jeremy Roberts and I love the ESV and would like a study bible

AL said...

I'm in! I've heard good things about the ESV.