Sunday, January 17, 2010

Open doors

I met TJ for an afternoon of sharing the gospel. We did our usual route from Carroll College through the walking mall to the library and back. Going through campus I spotted two cooks on their smoke break. I did a card trick for them and asked them what they thought it took to get to heaven. One said to believe in god and be a good person and the other one said to be a good person. I asked them how they were doing on that and they said fantastic. I asked them if they heard of the 10 commandments and if they have kept them. They both said they kept them all, that is until we went through them. They admitted to breaking them all and would be guilty before God. They said that God would send them to Hell. I explained the gospel and urged them to repent and believe. We talked about how short life is and that none of us are promised another day. I told them that their only hope was Jesus Christ. They seemed to agree. They went back to work and thanked me for the talk. I just hope they seriously consider the state of their soul, the need for a savior, and that the Holy Spirit will work faith in them.

We moved up to Hill park where I saw a guy by himself on a bench. I did a card trick for him and started asking him about the things of God. He was an American Indian, homeless, an alcoholic and at the very end of his rope. He was contemplating how to kill a man that robbed him when we walked up to him. I explained God's law and he knew he broke them all, in fact, he said he was going to Hell for sure. I didn't think there was a way out. I love when God puts these type of people in my path because they are so humbled and it is such a privilege to show them their way out, Jesus Christ. I proceeded to tell him about Jesus and what He did on the cross in his place. I compared what the thief that stole his stuff did to what he was doing to God. I told him to forget about the thief and get right with God while he is still alive. He told me about all the things that happened in his life where he should have died. He was in so many knife fights, jails, car wrecks, etc that it was amazing he is still alive. I told him that Jesus upholds his very life by the power of His word and that God was keeping him alive for a reason. He was giving him a chance to reconcile his whole life with God. I urged him to repent and seek God. TJ gave him a Bible and I gave him a small book about Jesus. The man told us that there was a reason we came up and talked with him today. I told him it was providence. Pray for Tim.

We witnessed to some people in the walking mall and gave out tracts. I ran into a girl that was a "very devout Catholic/Protestant/daoist(an eastern religion)." She was very arrogant and was sure she was right about everything. I told her that daoism completely contradicted Christianity. She told her boyfriend to give me back my million dollar bill and they stormed off.

I talked to a couple 15 year old or so boys by the carousel. They were the typical lost, immature, not able to carry out a serious conversation or think about anything serious, cell phone carrying, lost, teenager. They were very sarcastic and joking but after I took them through the law and explained God's justice to them they were humbled. I explained the cross and how short their life was and urged them to think about the things of God. Seeds planted.

Praise God! We thought we would have trouble finding people to witness to on the streets of Helena during the winter but God is faithful in providing open doors so abundantly.

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