Thursday, January 14, 2010

Buddha and the Universalist

I was downtown in Helena yesterday and witnessed to a couple people. The girl was a self-proclaimed Buddhist and the boy was a self-proclaimed "Christian" that thought anyone who believed in any god was going to heaven. They were both lost so I took them through the Law, which they admitted to breaking all of them. The boy finally told me he would be in Hell for breaking God's law, after I had to explain justice. The Buddhist girl didn't believe any of it and was getting fired up. I explained the glorious cross and the gift of God in Jesus Christ. The girl mocked it and said it was.......well, a stream of cuss words. The guy heard it all before. The girl said that God had no right to judge her and that when God judges people it means He is sinning. She asked what right God had to judge her. I told her that He created her and everything else in the world and sustains it all by His word, therefore; He has every right to judge her. She adamantly refused to acknowledge that God is the creator and then went on a rant about lesbianism. I asked how she picked her religion and she said she does and believes what makes her happy. I said to her, "So basically you choose what to believe in subjectively. You believe whatever makes your sinful, wicked, selfish flesh happy with no regard to anyone else?" She disagreed to say the least. She was getting fired up now even more and said she has the right to be happy and doesn't have to follow rules. I asked if she was happy right now. She said, in a very angry, loud, voice that she was very happy. I told her it didn't seem like it. I went back to the boy, he was just standing there in lala land. I encouraged them to look into the things of God to see if they were true, to read the Bible. The boy said he would, the girl said she would never. Praise God! The seed was planted.

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