Monday, January 25, 2010

Wrestling Witnessing

Another cold and snowy day of witnessing. It snowed about a foot at my house and it was still snowing when I picked Jeremy R. up in Wolf Creek and drove to town. We met TJ, Peters, and Yoshi at the church. We prayed and headed over to Carroll College. We found out their was a wrestling tournament going on so we headed down the gym.

I witnessed to two girls coming out of the building. One was a Catholic and the other was nothing. We went through the law and gospel. The girl that was nothing said that God made Himself an idol because He wants people to worship him. I had to explain to the girl that God, the creator of everything, is the only One worthy to be worshiped and everything else made in man's image or by man's hands is an idol. They argued a little and they got cold and left.

Jeremy R. and I moved to the other end of the building where TJ and Peters were. Peters was witnessing to a family and TJ was handing out tracts to everyone that came out of the doors.

I saw a couple in their 40's smoking so I gave them a tract. It turns out they are from Butte. We got on the subject of evolution and the guy went crazy. He said evolution has been proven over and over in a court of law to be true. He said he believed in God and evolution. They were both Catholic, by tradition anyway. They never went to church, owned a Bible, or even believed the Bible was true. He also said he hated the Bible because of the way it treated women (He was very mis-informed). I told him I thought he was talking about the Koran. He said the Koran and the Bible were exactly the same and had the same god. I asked him if he as ever read the Bible or the Koran and he admitted that he never, which shot down his whole argument and he knew it. I used the topic of evolution as bait to start the conversation but soon switched to the law. We went through the commandments and they admitted breaking them all but justified themselves by saying everyone has. I explained God's justice and how He can't just let someone go and that He has to punish lawbreakers and His justice needs to be satisfied. The guy seemed very humbled because he admitted he would be in Hell. I shared the best news ever, that Jesus Christ went to the cross to pay his fine and satisfy God's divine justice and to reconcile him to God. I explained his only hope in this life was Christ and that to receive this free gift he needed to repent and put his trust in Jesus Christ to save him. He was very cold or very humbled. They asked about my testimony so I shared it and told them to look into the Bible, read it. They said they never had a bible so I called TJ over and we gave them one. Praise God for this providential encounter. Seeds planted. Pray for the Butte couple.

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AL said...

Awesome! Nice blog you've got over here. I was just searching some of my interests and came across it. I am originally from MT, but now live in AZ.
God bless, and keep up the great work!