Monday, January 11, 2010

How does the moon prove the Bible?

The moon is slowly moving away from the earth. As the moon orbits the earth, its gravity pulls on the earth's oceans, which causes tides. The tides actually "pull forward" on the moon, causing the moon to gradually spiral outward. So the moon moves about an inch and a half away from the earth every year. That means that the moon would have been closer to the earth in the past.

For example, 6000 years ago (which is about how old the earth is according to the Biblical genealogies), the moon would have been about 800 feet closer to the earth.

Evolutionists say the earth is billions of years old (taught in public schools as well). But if the earth and moon were over a billion years old then the moon would have been so close that it would actually have been touching the earth only 1.4 billion years ago. This problem suggests that the moon can't possible be as old as secular astronomers claim.

God's word proves true again. Praise God for His glorious creation.

I took this information from The New Answers Book 2, edited by Ken Ham.

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